Wednesday, December 03, 2003 

End-To-End Internet Performance
At InterTech USA, we offer one of the industry's strongest Service Level Agreement (SLA). If our network is not performing, or you lose connectivity for even a minute, you are entitled to receive a credit. It's just another way InterTech USA demonstrates its commitment to your complete satisfaction.

100% InterCORE Backbone Availability

  • 100% network availability with redundant services
  • 99.9% network availability with single-threaded services

Roundtrip Delay*

  • Latency less than 75 milliseconds (InterCORE backbone)
  • Latency less than 200 milliseconds (Internet)

Roundtrip Packet Loss*

  • Packet loss less than 1% (InterCORE backbone)
  • Packet loss less than 5% (Internet)
Proactive notification in 15 minutes

*Subject to terms and conditions

If you would like additional information on InterTech USA services, please call us at 1.800.291.6517 Ext. 222 or contact us using the online request form.

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