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Guardian.NET Secure Enhanced File Transfer Services

Guardian.NET secure enhanced file transfer (SEFT) hosting is for those clients who prefer to have InterTech USA manage their file transfer process and ensure a high level of security for sensitive transactions.

This service is ideal for businesses of any size that benefit from a semi-dedicated server that features a limited number of domains. Compared to shared hosting that is offered by most ISPs and features an unlimited number of domains, this semi-dedicated server ensures equitable resource availability without the higher costs and management responsibilities of a fully dedicated server.

Guardian.NET is also an ideal service for financial and healthcare industries, as well as other businesses that are required to comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the Patriot Act. This hosting service includes high security designed to protect not only the web site content, but also the privacy of an institution’s clients and their confidential information. E-commerce sites also benefit from additional services, such as high encryption of credit card numbers and ACH transactions and methods enforcing stronger and more secure passwords.

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Guardian.NET Secure FTP Benefits

Guardian is ideal for exchanging data between partners, clients, suppliers, employees and customers. It ensures reliable and secure data delivery and receipt with data verification using industry standard security protocols. SEFT hosting is the smart choice for financial organizations seeking to:
• Exchange data with partners and clients over multiple secure protocols
• Automate workflow and data state between many systems
• Protect data during transport and while stored on disk
• Guarantee transfer of mission-critical files
• Perform transparent partner transactions
• Maintain regulatory compliance with Graham-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley
• Eliminate issues from sending critical time-sensitive files via email

Guardian.NET Secure FTP Features

• Multi-protocol support: FTP, FTPS (SSL), SFTP (SSH2), HTTP and HTTPS Secure
• Easy to configure event rules for post-processing
• Guarantees file delivery and data integrity
• OpenPGP based and streaming encryption
• Data push and pull
• Complete transaction reporting and auditing
• Remote secure and easy to use administration
• Configurable user, group, account, and site settings
• Four virus and threat scanning engines insure file safety

For those clients who take advantage of InterTech USA development and content management, our detailed process follows industry best practices for secure coding. Development services are also deployed on a three stage development platform designed to protect data and code from exploitation while in its most vulnerable stage prior to going live. Risk is substantially reduced by limiting development access to trusted and qualified in-house personnel only.

Proactive monitoring, firewalls, regular security scans and audits, as well as host and network intrusion detection and long-term access log storage and retrieval make this a perfect secure solution at a fraction of the cost for deploying and maintaining secure solutions in-house, or with other providers.

InterTech USA deploys a network architecture designed to offer up to 99.999% high-availability, ease of use, and security that approaches military standards. This means that any device or service connecting to our system will experience faster, more secure, highly reliable and predictable connections. There are no single points of failure from our data center to the Internet backbone. For every core router, switch, IDS sensor, and firewall there is another device actively participating in the network load and processing. This architecture compliments our main multi-homed circuits to the Internet backbone. These are also actively fault-tolerant and load-balanced.

Redundant firewalls with multiple demilitarized zones add substantial protection to the network itself by allowing us to customize and segregate different functions within different zones, thus increasing reliability and security. InterCORE also provides substantial monitoring, logging, and diagnostic tools, including pro-active network intrusion detection systems (IDS) that identify and automatically terminate attacks and viruses on the network before any damage can occur. This high security hosting system also makes a website and its data virtually unresponsive to port scans, icmp sweeps, and other automated scanning systems that hackers may use to identify possible vulnerabilities prior to an attack. By masking certain resources, high encryption of all sensitive data, blocking all unnecessary ports, and limiting third-party access, InterTech USA offers a secure solution which meets or exceeds privacy standards in any industry.

Experienced technical support is also included with our email case management system and extensive knowledgebase. InterTech USA is committed to your success and we make sure that all the details are taken care of for your benefit. Current software supported lists, version numbers, pro-active notifications, extensive real-time monitoring and communications, to mention only a few features, are available 24x7.

At InterTech USA, it is our job to make sure everyone is on the same page by the close of each business day; just another way of helping you Go Beyond!

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