Wednesday, December 03, 2003 
OnTRACK Construction Escrow Disbursing Management Software for Banks Title Companies Fund Control Operations.

Protecting You Against Construction Liens, Contractor Fraud and Financial Losses

For Home and Business Owners

In every state, contractors have the right to place a lien on your property in connection to the work they do for you. If your contractor fails to pay his subcontractor or a supplier, you may be forced to pay again, even though you have already paid once. In extreme cases, homeowners and business owners have been forced to sell their property to pay a lien.

If you plan to write checks to contractors yourself, LienShield will help you:

Test your contractor's construction budget to make sure it is not "front loaded."
Why? -A contractor who is paid too much money up front is more likely to "walk away" from the project prematurely.

Arrange an appropriate payment and inspection schedule to make sure work always comes before payment.
Why? -Contractors who are paid prior to actual completion of work tend to be less motivated to complete the remaining work.

Prepare and track lien waivers.
Why? -Contractors have a right to be paid for the work they do for you, but you have the right not to be forced to pay twice. The only absolute way to prevent paying twice is to require your contractor waive his lien rights with each payment.

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