Wednesday, January 07, 2004 
OnTRACK Construction Escrow Disbursing Management Software for Banks Title Companies Fund Control Operations.

Protecting You Against Construction Liens, Contractor Fraud and Financial Losses

Every state in the United States has statutes which allow a subcontractor or supplier, who has not been paid by the primary contractor, to place a lien on your property. Homeowners and business owners who fail to execute a proper lien waiver when they pay their contractor, could be at risk of having to pay twice for the same work, or in extreme cases, be subject to foreclosure to pay the lien.

LienShield helps business owners and homeowners take control of the construction disbursing process themselves. The entire system works online and provides easy to manage construction disbursing, construction budgets, lien waivers and contractor affidavits approved for all 50 States, budget transfers, supplier payments, contractor payment schedules, contractor fico scores, and validating contractor qualifications and licensing.

We make it easy for anyone to choose the right builder, manage budgets, minimize risk and eliminate construction losses throughout the construction process.

LienShield is Easy!

Just answer a few questions about your project and LienShield sets you up with the process you need to prevent construction liens.

LienShield Ensures Peace of Mind!

After disaster strikes, LienShield helps customers choose good contractors, get fair bids and manage finances.

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