Wednesday, December 03, 2003 
OnTRACK Construction Escrow Disbursing Management Software for Banks Title Companies Fund Control Operations.

Protecting You Against Construction Liens, Contractor Fraud and Financial Losses

For Lenders

No one knows more about the dangers related to making construction disbursements than you, and honestly, no one is better at it. The tried and true procedures you follow to protect your interests and the interests of your customers on construction loans is invaluable.

But who is watching out for your customers when they receive a home equity loan from you to remodel or add-on to their home?

Unfortunately, very few of your customers know what you know. Very few know that if a primary contractor fails to pay a subcontractor or a supplier, a mechanic's lien can be placed on the property. Very few know that, to satisfy the lien, the property owner may be forced to pay for the work again even though payment to the primary contractor has already been made.

By offering LienShield to your customers who finance home improvements through a home equity loan, you will be able to extend your touch through construction without being entangled in the owner-contractor relationship. Your customers control the money; LienShield simply provides the tools they need to pay the contractor right.

LienShield Benefits to You

When your customer is empowered to securely control the project, they will be satisfied with the entire process including your part the loan process.

When your customers choose LienShield, they will pay a small user fee. We will then return a portion to you as a referral fee.

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